Professional Voice and Data


Dimetra IP Compact


CSR can provide to its customers  the most advanced terrestrial communication solution at this moment, the TETRA (TErrestrial Trunk RAdio) technology. Here are a few advantages of the TETRA standard communication systems: Very short call setup time (under 0,3 seconds); Secure calls, encryption over the infrastructure and „End to End”; Authentication made by the system …

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Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

CSR includes in its portfolio the DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) technology, implemented by Motorola in its line of products, MOTOTRBO, which represents the most efficient way to pass from the old analog systems to the modern digital radio systems. The MOTOTRBO radios can operate both in the analog conventional mode as well as in the …

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Conventional Radio

CSR can provide to its customers complete solutions for analog radio systems using Motorola radio equipment worldwide known for their quality, reliability and robustness. The CSR’s Motorola solutions includes repeaters and base station/repeaters that can also be used in the digital standard, DMR (MOTOTRBO) (Motorola MTR3000 and DR3000) in order to increase the radio coverage …

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CSR has a wide variety of Fixed and Mobile WiMAX solutions. Incorporating advance technologies, MicroMAXd addresses the basic fixed needs, HiperMAX can be used for highdemand fixed WiMAX needs and is software upgradeable to Mobile, while the Air4G product houses a powerful Mobile package solution in a compact easy to install package. The IEEE 802.16e-2005 …

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Satellite Communication

XSatSurveillance (Charon) XSatSurveillance is an application designed for positioning and trajectory tracking of satellite handheld mobile devices. The main capabilities of the software application are: Displays real-time GPS positioning data of tracked mobile devices; Support for vector map and raster (high resolution images); PIP display for selected target; Synthetic targets and routes; Manually adding targets …

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