Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Identification of the registration number is independent of: Characters Types; Plate Numbers Shapes; Plate Numbers Color; Plate Number sizes; System allow us to: Detect country code; Saving car image is detected as image file or directly in the database, together with associated information detection ( camera ID, detection time stamp, detected license plate number); Query …

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Vessel Traffic Management Information System

Starting from 2008, CSR has launched Safesea – a new software solution developed by an enthusiastic and professional team. Safesea is a Vessel Traffic Man­agement and Control system and the main area of interest are Ports, Harbors and Coastal Areas. The purpose of any Vessel Traffic Man­agement and Information Systems (VTMS) is to provide the …

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VHF and MF/HF Systems

We are proud to propose  the VHF and MF/HF Systems developed by our partner, Cybernetica Based on in-house cryptographic research and original secure data communication system architecture with custom public key infrastructure (PKI) and remote configuration management, Cybernetica has designed, developed and deployed two IP network centric communication and monitoring systems for application within the …

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Aids to Navigation Systems

Aids to Navigation (AtoN) System was deployed on the Danube river in colaboration with our partner, Pintsch Aben Project involves development of a system for signaling limits fairway and assurance of navigation condition on the river,  also during the  night. The components of the system are: –  buoys  – coastal lighthouses,  – control and monitoring …

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IRIS Europe II

CSR participated as a contractor for activities within IRIS Europe II project IRIS Europe II (January 2009 – December 2011) continued the expansion and enhancement of RIS in Europe as successor of the project IRIS Europe contributing to establish safe, secure and efficient transport on the European waterway network, bringing advantages to governmental users as …

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