CSR can provide to its customers  the most advanced terrestrial communication solution at this moment, the TETRA (TErrestrial Trunk RAdio) technology.

Here are a few advantages of the TETRA standard communication systems:

  • Very short call setup time (under 0,3 seconds);Dimetra IP Cabinet
  • Secure calls, encryption over the infrastructure and „End to End”;
  • Authentication made by the system and mutual from the terminal;
  • Voice clarity;
  • Private call and telephone call;
  • Operation using the infrastructure (TMO) or directly (DMO);
  • Short messages (SDS);
  • Packet data transfer;
  • The terminals can be equipped with integrated GPS receiver useful in permanent personnel and vehicle fleet monitoring using AVL applications;
  • The dispatch console allows  besides all specific TETRA and control room services the use of analog communications together with TETRA group calls using a Conventional Channel Gateway;

The CSR portfolio is represented by turnkey TETRA solutions including:

Dimetra IP Sistems

Motorola Dimetra IP MSO

Motorola Dimetra IP Compact

Motorola Dimetra IP Micro

Base Stations

Motorola MTS4 (15 voice channels)

Motorola MTS2 (7 voice channels)

Motorola MTS1 (3 voice channels, outdoor)

Dispatching Consoles:

Motorola MCC7500  



  • Motorola MTM5400 (with gateway and  repeatar functionalities)
  • Motorola MTM800E


  • Motorola MTP850 S
  • Motorola MTP850 3L
  • Motorola MTH800
  • Motorola MTP830S
  • Motorola CEP400
  • Motorola TCR1000 (covert)

 ATEX Portables 

  • Motorola MTP850Ex 
  • Motorola MTP810Ex



CSR offers a complete solution for TETRA communications systems, as above mentioned, including original specialized accessories, to meet the most demanding requirements regarding the Dimetra systems, base stations, fixed/mobile radio installation or any functionality requirement for the portables, such as:

v    Installation kits for base stations and radio links supply.

v    Installation kits for desk, dash, remote installation.

v    Different dimension antenna for all frequency bandwidths

v    Single/multiple charger solutions

v    Audio accessories

v    Vehicular accessories

v    Carry accessories

v    Batteries.

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