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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Identification of the registration number is independent of:

  • Characters Types;
  • Plate Numbers Shapes;
  • Plate Numbers Color;
  • Plate Number sizes;

System allow us to:

  • Detect country code;
  • Saving car image is detected as image file or directly in the database, together with associated information detection ( camera ID, detection time stamp, detected license plate number);
  • Query detected license plate number into internal   ‘Black List/White List” database  or other databases using web services integration and send real time  alerts on wanted cars detected;
  • The system can operate either independently or integrated into a comprehensive solution for Video Surveillance. If integration with video surveillance system, ANPR system can issue alerts that can be viewed both in real time (as scrollbar text on  video stream) and in reply the video recordings.
  • ANPR system can work integrated with Doppler radar. Each ANPR cameras can be associated with one Doppler Radar. When detection is made ANPR system automatically merger of ANPR detection and Doppler radar detected target in the focus of ANPR camera. Thus,  ANPR detection can be associated with speed, type and direction of travel of the vehicle
  • System can send alerts using:
    • S.M.S. on G.S.M. networks;
    • S.D.S. on T.E.T.R.A. networks;
    • E-mail
    • Visual  Alerts, Sound Alerts or Voice Alerts (System can use text to speech engine to create and play real time customs voice messages)
  • ANPR system allows integration with SCADA control modules (eg. Opening a barrier or a traffic light change color when the ANPR system detects a car that has the access to a parking);
  • The system works automatically and requires no human intervention.
  • All detections ANPR are automatically saved in a database that allows:
  • looking for a car using registration number  plate or license plate portions;
  • generate configurable reports with ANPR detections made ​​in a certain period of time;
  • export reports generated in external files (HTML, Excel, XML, Word documents)
  • generation of statistics and traffic graphs by the ANPR detection
  • The ANPR System can  contains a  GIS module that allows viewing positions ANPR cameras on a vector map. When one makes a detection ANPR cameras that generate an alert, the vector map in the right camera that automatically displays a pop-up alert contains information possibly can automatically zoom the map to see camera location.

The system has an API based on Web services-compliant SOAP – WSDL that allows its integration in complex systems such as ERP