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Vessel Traffic Management Information System

Starting from 2008, CSR has launched Safesea – a new software solution developed by an enthusiastic and professional team.Centru VTS

Safesea is a Vessel Traffic Man­agement and Control system and the main area of interest are Ports, Harbors and Coastal Areas. The purpose of any Vessel Traffic Man­agement and Information Systems (VTMS) is to provide the operator with a clear and concise real-time portrayal of vessel movements and interactions in the surveillance area in order to support on-duty decisions.

The VTS system uses multiple com­ponents (hardware, software, sensors) and provides basic func­tionality, interfaces and integration capabilities such as:

  • Multi sensor processing (Radar, AIS, RDF, CCTV, Meteo)
  • Advanced radar and data process­ing
  • User-friendly Traffic Display System, GIS centric
  • Integrated recording & replay (data/voice)
  • Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMIS = VTS + Database)
  • Traffic simulation tools for training purposes

All  Safesea VTMS components can be configured to build systems ranging from small to very large ones, due to its modular design and the ability to interface other sensors like AIS, RDF and meteoro­logical sensors.

To increase the safety in the movement area a Conflict Detec­tion unit is an essential part of Safesea system to allow  automatic detection of future poten­tial traffic conflicts or situations.

The Conflict Detection is based on the evaluation and prediction of the movement of tracks obtained by processing the sensor data and topology data (restricted areas, etc.) the traffic situation is analyzed to trigger configured events and traffic ride infringe­ments, such as:

  • a track crossing an active guard line
  • a track entering an active guard ring or a guard area
  • a track leaving a buoy ring or a swing circle
  • a track exceeding an area specific speed limit
  • a track entering an active pro­hibited or restricted area
  • a track entering a special area slaved to another track (area col­lision conflict)
  • two selected tracks can be on collision course, etc.
  • synchronized REPLAY function using GIS, video and voice records

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