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Public safety organizations continuously look for new tools to help them better serve and protect the citizens of the community as well as to ensure the safety of their officers. For years, law enforcement has used radio to provide them with the information they need to perform their missions. To increase the success of each operation, public safety organizations are now incorporating video into their information network.

Video can benefit law enforcement before, during, and after an incident. During an event, real-time video can be useful to a Command Center to plan a measured response with mobile units. After an event, recorded video can aid investigation efforts or serve as a source of additional evidence.

With today’s increased emphasis on public safety and asset protection, the world has begun looking at security more closely and critically.

Municipalities, government agencies, businesses, healthcare systems, educational institutions and many others are looking for reliable systems to help them better protect people and property.

These systems must also comply with stringent new mandates requiring significant improvements in security systems, functionalities and results.

Video surveillance networks with wireless broadband infrastructure can be designed to provide high levels of reliability.

Wireless solutions enable network operators to install video surveillance systems faster and at a substantially lower cost than wire based solutions.

Mobile applications of camera technology are the future

 Mobile Video Sharing extends the availability of this information to the many individuals outside the Command Center.

With access to this same information, public safety organizations en route can assess a situation and plan their approach prior to arrival.

Once at the scene, the live video from the patrol car can be sent back to the Command Center for another angle and view of the incident, providing a true video collaboration opportunity

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