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RFID Systems

Promoted in Romania solely as an access control technology, RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a powerfull system that can achieve much more.

RFID is gaining more and more implementations in all areas that require:

  • fast and reliable identification of bulk remote assets
  • secure link between the management platform and the monitored assets
  • an unduplicable technology that can be used in cross-identification security systems

    Typical RFID System

    Typical RFID System

RFID achieves this by attaching a small radio transponder (sometimes in a form of a small label or the size of a button) to the object that needs

identifying.Also a link is made in the database between the asset and the tag, so that by interrogating the RFID tag the operator gets information about the asset:

  • location
  • state
  • position in the workflow
  • security validation

From hands free long range access control to RTLS (Real Time Location System) RFID can be the major player in every asset monitoring business platform.

The advantages of RFID in one sentence:

“Achieve fast, reliable and secure visibility of your assets.”

CSR, as a company that always strives to innovate, has extensive expertise in porting and customizing RFID solutions or simply building one solution from scratch, tailor made to its customer’s needs.

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