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Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

Fire generates important damages if cannot be detected and alarmed on time. Detection and alarming need to be performed in incipient fire stage, when the smoke and heating is released but the fire isn’t opened yet.

If this is coordinated with an prevent system according with the regulations and fire extinguishing system a fire event can be minimized.

The advantages of a fire system detection and fire extinguishing system are:

  • It is detected the exact fire place
  • Alarming and evacuating people
  • Generates manual fire alarm
  • Automatic call to fire brigades
  • Integrates the connectivity with fire extinguishing system

CSR is offering a complete solution for fire detection consisting in many product branches as:

  • Conventional or adresable fire controlers
  • Repeators and adaptoare
  • Manual Emergency buttons
  • Smoke detectors with optical detection, infraread, reflexiv IR spot, absorbtion
  • High temperature detectors for flame
  • Dangerous gas detectors
  • Sirenes and optical signaling devices

Our team goal is to provide solutions which meet the regulations requirements in terms of safety, installations quality, environment protection, customer satisfaction.

  • CSR it is in partnership with top manufactures in this field, the warranty of providing best quality systems
  • Fire detection systems provided by CSR are offered including new software ready to be integrated in customer dispatchers or command rooms.
  • Our solutions are certified by the Romanian authorities.