Conventional Radio

CSR can provide to its customers complete solutions for analog radio systems using Motorola radio equipment worldwide known for their quality, reliability and robustness.

The CSR’s Motorola solutions includes repeaters and base station/repeaters that can also be used in the digital standard, DMR (MOTOTRBO) (Motorola MTR3000 and DR3000) in order to increase the radio coverage and for the radio users, CSR offers a wide range of Motorola conventional radios.

CSR includes in its portfolio a great number of Motorola conventional radios starting from basic simple models up to very sophisticated models that are able to meet even the most demanding requirements.

The Motorola conventional radios from the CSR’s portfolio are divided in two categories:

The commercial range, with a narrower frequency band and fewer facilities designed, as its name suggests, to the commercial field (taxi companies, cleaning, public utilities, etc) and includes:

  • Mobile/fixed radios:

v Motorola CM140

v Motorola CM160

v Motorola CM340

v Motorola CM360


  • Portable radios:

v Motorola CP040

v Motorola CP140

v Motorola CP160

v Motorola CP180

The professional range, has a wider frequency bandwidth, a lot more facilities, a greater number of channels, enhanced audio quality, superior rugged, possibility to install additional module boards for recording, encryption, etc.   The professional range is designed for the professional workers in railroad transportation, companies that work in potentially explosive environments (ATEX radios), military, ambulance, security companies, etc, and includes:

  • Mobile/fixed radios:

v Motorola GM140

v Motorola GM160

v Motorola GM340

v Motorola GM360

v Motorola GM380

v Motorola GM640

v Motorola GM660

v Motorola GM1280

  • Portable radios:

v Motorola GP140

v Motorola GP240

v Motorola GP340

v Motorola GP360

v Motorola GP344/GP344R

v Motorola GP366R

v Motorola GP380

v Motorola GP388/GP388R

v Motorola GP540

v Motorola GP640

v Motorola GP680

v Motorola GP644

v Motorola GP688


  • ATEX certified portable radios(can be used in potentialy explosive environments):

v Motorola GP340 ATEX

v Motorola GP380 ATEX

v Motorola GP580 ATEX

v Motorola GP680 ATEX

CSR offers complete turnkey solutions for the analog conventional radio systems above mentioned, including, for each of the mentioned models, original specialized accessories, in order to fulfill any demand regarding the installation of mobile/fixed radios or any functionality for the portable radios such as:

v    Installation kits for desk, dash, remote installation.

v    Different dimension antenna for all frequency bandwidths

v    Single/multiple charger solutions

v    Audio accessories

v    Vehicular accessories

v    Carry accessories & batteries

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