Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

CSR includes in its portfolio the DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) technology, implemented by Motorola in its line of products, MOTOTRBO, which represents the most efficient way to pass from the old analog systems to the modern digital radio systems.

The MOTOTRBO radios can operate both in the analog conventional mode as well as in the digital mode making as easy as possible the migration towards the digital era for the clients that already own a large fleet of conventional radios.

These radios offer data transfer capabilities and can also have integrated GPS receiver which is very useful if you need to know at every moment the location of your personnel or vehicle fleet by using AVL applications.

The CSR’s portfolio includes DMR MOTOTRBO turnkey solutions including:

Base stations/repeater

Motorola MTR3000

Motorola DR3000

Mobile/Fixed radios

v Motorola DM3400/DM3401

v Motorola DM3600/DM3601

v Motorola DM4400/DM4401

v Motorola DM4600/DM4601

Portable radios

v Motorola DP3400/DP3401

v Motorola DP3600/DP3601

v Motorola SL4000/SL4010


CSR offers a complete solution for DMR communications systems, as above mentioned, including original specialized accessories, to meet the most demanding requirements regarding the base stations, fixed/mobile radio installation or any functionality requirement for the portables, such as:

v Installation kits for base stations and radio links supply.

v Installation kits for desk, dash, remote installation.

v Different dimension antenna for all frequency bandwidths

v Single/multiple charger solutions

v Audio accessories

v Vehicular accessories

v Carry accessories

v Batteries

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