Satellite Communication

XSatSurveillance (Charon)

XSatSurveillance is an application designed for positioning and trajectory tracking of satellite handheld mobile devices.

The main capabilities of the software application are:

  • Displays real-time GPS positioning data of tracked mobile devices;
  • Support for vector map and raster (high resolution images);
  • PIP display for selected target;
  • Synthetic targets and routes;
  • Manually adding targets – allow the opening of an interface for manual addition of targets. The interface includes the following fields:
  • Latitude, longitude: enabling the operator to manually add a target to a geographical location defined by these two values;
  • DMS usage: allows the operator to choose between the appearance of latitude and longitude as degrees-minutes-seconds or decimal
  • Course: allows the operator to manually establish a particular course for the manually added target. Accepted values are between 0 and 360 degrees. The course orientation is toward the north, in degrees.
  • Speed: allows the operator to set a specific target value for manually added target. Speed ​​is expressed in km/h
  • The target name: allows the operator to enter a name for the manually added target, defined by these two values (course and speed)
  • Route ID: allows the operator to choose a route that will be attached to the manually added target. The route will be chosen from a drop down list containing all routes currently available.
  • Querying by request the positioning of mobile equipments and the reporting of it;
  • Remote configuration of main operating parameters of mobile devices;
  • Management of mobile devices – offer to the user the possibility to edit features of mobile positioning devices: location ID, location name, name tracker, tracker ID, IMEI tracker, IMEI modem, key tracker.
  • Creating the database of positioning data received, its administration, database querying and reports on travel history tracked mobile devices:
  • generation of graphical reports
  • generation of textual reports
  • Query map – allows the operator to identify the vector map layers stacked in a sense.
  • Display 3D view – allows the operator to open a window with the 3D area.

Fixed satellite ground station system for Ku band Anchor Station

  • The system is a fixed ground station acting like a HUB and provides simultaneous multiple Full Duplex Communication satellite streams with 2 Mbps bandwidth per stream.
  • Download detailed specifications : Anchor-Station