CSR has a wide variety of Fixed and Mobile WiMAX solutions.

Incorporating advance technologies, MicroMAXd addresses the basic fixed needs, HiperMAX can be used for highdemand fixed WiMAX needs and is software upgradeable to Mobile, while the Air4G product houses a powerful Mobile package solution in a compact easy to install package.

The IEEE 802.16e-2005 compliant, quad-band MiMAX USB device, announced in 2006, Wave2 compatible Mobile WiMAX was the first device for laptops.

EasyST and ProST CPEs are available with Wi-Fi Access Point functionality

This capability enables them to simultaneously offer both WiMAX and Wi-Fi, thus enabling the service provider to address a variety of markets with a unique hybrid device that operates on the WiMAX platform while enbaling Wi-Fi device connectivity

Mobile Broadband is the next generation evolution in wireless technology and enables high-speed connectivity to meet the increasing demand for broadband Internet at home, in the office, or while on the go.

The use of mobile broadband services is accelerating at exceptional rates with increased applications such as gaming, social networking and video for mobile devices. 4G, namely LTE and WiMAX, enables users to carry the same user experience they have at home or in the office while they are on-the-go.

Air4G is a highly integrated compact, yet powerful, base station with all-in-one packaging of RF and base-band components.

Air4G is able to operate both LTE and WiMAX platforms at the same time. This means that a migration from one technology to the other is possible. Air4G operates in the 700, 800 MHz, 1.4, 1.8, 2.3-2.7, 3.3-3.8, and 4.9-6.425 GHz bands. Air4G has variants with two transmitters and four receivers as well as variants with four transmitters and four receivers. Air4G has TDD and FDD variants.

Air4G is interoperable with end devices of all form factors, based on all leading chips. It is also interoperable with various core network solutions.

4G wireless broadband technology enables public safety and first responders to access pertinent, real-time information which helps them make critical and time sensitive decisions.

 4G Powered Aplications:

- Mobile data and VoIP

- Video surveillance (traffic, crossings, problem areas)

- Traffic management

- Facial recognition

- Handheld and laptop access

- Computerized license plate recognition

- Cameras/video in vehicles .

 Undoubtedly the accuracy and speed of information received greatly impacts public safety effectiveness.

FlexNET link products (ASN-700, ASN-900) are highly flexible outdoor-proof radio units, which can be configured for point-to-point and repeater deployments. Built within a robust weatherproof enclosure, FlexNETLink withstand harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations.

FlexNET Link products house up to two radio transceivers plus a single integrated 4.9-5.85 GHz directional antenna with a power-off option. For extended range and distances up to 50 km, external antennas can be connected to the base station. Dual radio models enable also in-band backhaul configuration where first radio can be used for wireless backhaul with an integrated antenna while second radio is used to provide Wi-Fi access services with an external antenna.

The product utilizes 64-OFDM technology to provide robust performance in near-lineof- sight and in line-of-sight conditions. The link products operate on dynamic fallback rates, supporting maximal data rate and throughput even in varying conditions where some interference may exist.


- OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) radio link equipment for wide range of unlicensed/licensed frequency bands on 4.9-6.1GHz

– IP Backhaul product to WiMAX access networks

– Enables End-to-End QoS with 802.1p and IP/DiffServ settings for prioritised backhaul traffic

– Wireless channel error correction with ARQ (Auto Repeat Request) and FEC (Forward Error Correction)

-Long range link applications up to 50 km

-High throughput giving up to 47 Mbps with 20 MHz channel (Max 80 Mbps with 40 MHz channeling).