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Centrul pentru Servicii de Radiocomunicații


We Deliver the Optimal Communication System Solution for Your Business

We are a company specialized in design, integration, delivery, installation and maintenance of complex IT&C systems solutions.

We Deliver Professional Project-Oriented System Solutions and all the Associated Services

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CSR Mission

CSR’s mission is to successfully operate in the market of providers of specialized telecommunications equipment, services and integrated IT systems and to explore new business opportunities that generate revenue growth by leveraging the company’s core values.

CSR is a company with 100% Romanian private capital, founded in 1994, with more then 50 employees, that has implemented and maintains 7 ISO standards, NATO Secret and ORNISS certified by the Romanian Ministry of Defense.

CSR is based on fusion of qualifications and experience of its employees for to produce, develop and deliver the best products, services and integration projects, being concerned with maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all our business relationships. CSR is the only entity in Romania that is a member of the “TETRA & Critical Communications Association”

The main objective of CSR is to achieve long-term top financial performance by integrating sustainability into our business strategy. Together with our partners motivated to bring positive changes, we are determined to turn our vision into reality by re-organizing the company in order to make the activity more efficient. CSR can provide a nationwide coverage with services, by the fact that it owns 6 regional centers with laboratory testing and production facilities in Câmpina and Măgureni, Prahova county.

CSR is geared towards investing in the permanent development of capacities and capabilities, and employees with proven field experience in various projects will be honed to bring added value to the projects they will be involved in and place our company on the path of sustainable, long-term development.

Our Expertise

Public Safety and Civil System Solutions

  • Terrestrial digital mobile communications Infrastructure solutions, fixed, mobile and portable subscribers with professional accessories for defense and mission critical applications
  • Video and multi-sensor surveillance systems including monitoring centers with AI analytics
  • Vessel traffic monitoring systems for maritime and inland navigation
  • Sensor network systems for weather monitoring (RADAR and LIDAR systems)
  • Civil engineering for communications and sensors projects

National Defense System Solutions

  • CSR is certified by Ministry of National Economy as economic operator in the national defense industry, with the largest turnover in the field of radiocommunication business activities across the territory of Romania
  • Design and integration of communication solutions for voice and data transport systems based on microwave links used in national defense system
  • Communication solutions for voice and data wireless access systems used in national defense system
  • Defense communication solutions for deployable and transportable systems
  • Command, control and communication systems (fixed, transportable and mobile) for mission critical applications

Portfolio of Services

CSR is a market leading IT&C integrator for large scale complex systems :

  • Communication systems for governmental sector
  • Mission critical communication systems
  • C2/C4I and IT solutions for defense sector
  • IT & Communication solutions for public utilities
  • Safe and efficient management solutions for public sector
  • Communication and surveillance systems for aviation sector
  • Inland and maritime navigation vessel traffic surveillance solutions
  • Weather monitoring systems for agriculture and aviation

Relevant Projects

Public Safety and Civil Systems Projects

  • Integrated Video Surveillance and Monitoring System to increase safety and prevent crime on the administrative territory of the municipalities
  • Radio transmission reception system for voice and selective digital call in medium and short waves (MF and HF A2 GMDSS System)
  • Goniometric system in short waves VHF RDF (Radio Direction Finder) for locating ships in danger in Romania’s area of responsibility
  • Voice recording systems for ATC applications
  • Wind shear detection and alerting system at Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest
  • Delivery and installation of a C-band dual polarimetric Doppler radar for hail phenomena forecasting
  • IT&C Electronic Monitoring System for aggressors and multiple protected persons

National Defense Projects

  • Radio relay communications system (transport and access) for the upgrading of the Permanent Transmission Network (RTP) and National Military Communications Network (RMNC)
  • Upgrading of communications containers within RMNC
  • Communication centers for mobile command point – medium capacity
  • Provision of specific communication equipment for interventions in emergency situations
  • Armored off-road vehicles (light type) for military applications – intercom and mobile communication systems
  • Shortwave radio subscribers in mobile configuration for vehicles and fixed configuration for command and control centers


CSR’ specific certifications come to highlight its position in the business sector :

  • Certified by Ministry of National Economy as economic operator in the national defense industry
  • National Registry Office for Classified Information (ORNISS) Certified experience in NATO projects
  • Certified by the Romanian Ministry of National Defense, NATO Commercial and Government Entity
  • MoI/IGPR – design, install and maintain security alarm systems
  • G9 Clearance
  • ANCOM – Provider of network and electronic communications services
  • CNSIPC/IGSU – Authorized for Installation and Maintenance of fire alarm systems
  • AFER – Railway Supplier Authorization
  • TCCA – TETRA + Critical Communications Association Member
  • ANCEX – Registered for foreign trade operations with military goods
  • ANRE – Type B Certificate in design and execution of electrical installations < 0.4kV
  • ANRSC – Class 3 license for public lighting
  • Motorola Solutions – Authorized Radio Channel Partner & Tier 1 Partner for System Projects

7 ISO certified company :

  • ISO 9001 – Quality management;
  • ISO 27001 – Information security;
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental protection;
  • OHSAS 18001 – Health and labor security;
  • ISO 20000 – IT service management;
  • SA 8000 – Social Accountability;
  • ISO 29990 – Education and training services.

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